DAO provides you an opportunity to compose your own branded, dynamic banners then run them via programmatic systems. It helps you to reach your potential target with a more effective way.

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DAO runs your banners with your personalized messages "real time" via programmatic systems, enabling them to promote your product range and target your potential consumer audience.

Cost efficient

Dao ensures effective high impact advertising while simplifying your production processes and costs. The advantage of Dynamic Advert Optimizer is the simplicity of reaching large numbers of propsective consumers with a huge range of diversed products. The system generates the banners and delivers messages to prospective costumers.


Over the course of the campaign our database will gather data and ensure centralized but increasing personalized communication.

We target who have not visited your website yet with different messages, than those who have visited your webpage, although no interaction occured


finding large numbers of prospective consumers


recall the identified visitors who left without consumption

Banners can be modified and redesigned any time durign the campaign!
With the banner designer modul you can create your campaign banners yourself!
The hosting server runs your banners in the dynamic system and displays them to your potential costumers!
The cost of the campaign depends on the number of ad presence, and the choice of banner package!

The modul is the entrance of the system:
Registration is required!

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